Brighter Child Workshop精心製作人氣Party,
用最棒道具, 最多物資, 最新點子,創意無限, 演繹全新互動平台。Party變得更精釆更有活力。

每15-20分鐘, 帶給新的驚喜,成功創作自家品牌節目, 得到大人和小朋友歡迎。無論空間大小, 戶內戶外, 不論形式(百日宴、1-12歲生日會, 長者生日會,家教會旅行/家庭聯歡, 結業禮, 聖誕聯歡,公司聚餐, 慈善活動…), 我們會精心策劃配合不同場合和客戶要求。司儀靈活多變, 能有效地串燒多元化活動, 輕鬆流暢, 為來賓和生日主角及家人留下美麗集體回憶。我們的創意活動巧妙舖排是迎合小孩和父母愛「玩」的天性,大家玩得忘形, 好讓攝影師拍得一輯天真瀾漫的每一刻。

童年Party相片是最珍貴的, 有興奮, 惹笑, 擁抱, 家長和小孩開懷大笑就是成功的難忘Party。精釆有趣畫面, 感受無限喜悅, 好玩指數5★.Party攝影效果No.1. 「就是憑創意」大家一致叫好!

Tired of ordinary parties? Congratulations. you've found the right place where you and your guests can enjoy a moment of exploring your creativity and have a special occasion to celebrate the special day in our relaxing environment!

It is perfect for birthday party, company party, kids gathering, graduation dinner, X’mas party and other private parties to be held in any place.

Brighter Child Workshop can create fun & friendly atmosphere where kids and parents enjoy playing. We design every 15 min. we have our props, gimmicks and special programmes so that we can take many yeah photos during the celebration.

All playing procedures and photos are the collective memories for all the parents and kids.
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